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When used on entryways at the job site or work area, the TEMPRO Dirt Catcher Sticky Mat reduces spreading dirt and mess by capturing dirt from shoes, boots and even wheel barrows etc

The anti slip backing keeps the mat in place on interior floor surfaces such as carpet, wood, tiles and laminate etc. Each mat comes with a refillable pad of super sticky tack sheets, so when the top sheet is no longer sticky, just peel it off to reveal a brand new mat ready for use

  • Reduces dirt and drywall dust spreading on job sites.
  • Use on interior entrances to reduce job site dirt movement and protect floors from dirt and dust.
  • Great alternative to overshoes
  • Anti Slip backing keeps the mat in place.
  • Includes 1 non-skid mat and 30 easy-peel sheets

sticky mat, also called a tacky mattack matcleanroom matclean room mat is an entrance mat with an adhesive surface that is placed at the entrances or exits to certain workplace or job sites to remove contaminants from the bottoms of footwear and wheeled equipment such as trolleys or wheel barrows

They are an example of an engineering control within the hierarchy of hazard controls

Sticky mats are typically used in clean rooms and construction sites. Their purpose is to prevent contaminants from entering the site with personnel, and hazardous materials from exiting.

In a cleanroom setting, airborne particles that are not removed by the ventilation system deposit themselves onto a surface, where they can be transported by personnel walking on or past them

Sticky mats can be temporary or permanent. Temporary sticky mats are made of a stack of adhesive plastic adhesive film layers that are periodically peeled off and thrown away. 

Permanent mats are made of a polymer, usually polyester- or polyvinyl chloride-based, that binds particles through electrostatic forces. The peeling process for temporary mats may dislodge particles from the mat, causing inhalation risk.

However, permanent mats must be washed with a mop and detergent, which is more time-consuming and may be done less often.

A 2012 study found that temporary adhesive mats reduced the particle level on shoes and overshoes by 25–50% while permanent polymeric flooring reduced it by approximately 80%, and that adhesive mats released more particles when they were dirtier and when they were peeled quickly.

However, sticky mats placed outside the entrance to an operating room or suite have not been shown to reduce the number of organisms on shoes or stretcher wheels, nor do they reduce the risk of surgical site infections

Tempro is part of the Indigo Group and have been supplying Super Sticky mats for over 20 years

We supply a range of Sizes in both Plain White and Plain Blue

We can also print with your logo, however minimum quantities will apply

Tempro (Indigo) are leaders in the supply of ALL Temporary Floor, Carpet, Window and Surface Protection Materials, products including Self Adhesive Protection Films under the Sticky Shield Brand and the fantastic Correx (corexCorrugated Plastic which comes in Sheets or Rolls and even Flame / Fire Retardant to LPS 1207 LPCB

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Tacky mats or ‘sticky mats’ are specialist mats which have a sticky, adhesive top. They are designed for highly effective dirt and dust removal. They are used to obtain a dirt free, sanitary environment that is required in areas such as factories, computer rooms, clean rooms, warehouses, school gymnasiums, healthcare facilities and more.  

The sticky layer of the cleanroom mats collect fine particles of dust and dirt, to prevent them from being tracked into sensitive areas and to avoid contamination. Our Clean Stride Adhesive Tacky Mats have multiple, replaceable layers that can then be peeled away and disposed of once they are used, to reveal a fresh tacky mat layer to continue effective dust removal.